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Kill the Saaz – Collab’ Sibeeria + Les Intenables


::: CAN 50cl ::: Pilsner – houblon frais juste récoltés o-O

Les Intenables paid us a visit in Prague just in time for the hop harvest and not even the Woodstock-level amounts of mud in the hop yards couldn’t stop us from collecting bagfuls of fresh Saaz together. We crammed it into the whirlpool just a couple hours later on top of a super pale, dry base and… then just killed it with heaps of Falconer’s Flight and Vista on dry-hop. Even these cannot stop the mighty Saaz though – chewy floral noble bitterness creates a perfect base for a juicy citrus punch. This beer screams freshness and drinkability and we cannot wait to share it with the world


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